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 CMIFOX INC. is the first financial services provider in Canada to bring to market a fully integrated FinTech ATM - Kiosk run by blockchain technology. The CMIFOX team is committed to placing over 13,500 Kiosks and over 40,000 POS systems in Canada with in the next 72 months. These are not just ATM's. We are able to process payday loans, issue insurance policies, currency exchange USD/ CAD, buy and sell crypto currencies , credit card acceptance along with regular day to day ATM functions. All these functions provide transaction fees for CMIFOX INC. and will venture into hundreds of millions of dollars per year. 

This was made possible through our brokerage of the exclusive rights of Unifox.io  for all of Canada. These rights allow us to sell, operate, lease, or broker any Unifox.io ATM and POS system in Canada. We did this to encourage and alleviate the fears that many merchants have about accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. With our system we can now provide Canadian dollar reimbursements to all merchant users of our POS systems.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM)



The security will be controlled by biometrics and document readers (passports, driver's license, provincial and state I.D., etc.). CMIFOX INC. controls these rights and we are able to apply our concepts in the real world and have proof of that concept. These concepts will provide a new meaning to financial independence.

 Our operating partner  will assist in the system’s implementation along with any maintenance issues. Our partners have many years experience in these areas with fiat currency  ATM & POS systems. In the coming months, we will be able to provide more information on the subject along with progress reports. The company website will also be updated accordingly. 



Point Of Sale (POS)



Our POS systems will be designed to operate solely on closed wallets. This is to eliminate exchange fees and monthly fees to be deducted by other payment systems such as Visa, Mastercard, and Interact Direct. Additionally, these systems will be brokered per province to one service provider who will operate the system provincially.

The coins on our platform will also provide high end technology to be listed on our platform. We are currently providing 15 placements for coins and tokens, with another 5 that can be added by a  franchisee who would be given the right to broker them for themselves. 

We will bring cryptocurrencies to the mass public reducing transactions fees. Providing coin listings,  processing of ATMs and POS transactions. With Unifox.io  as the blockchain that will process all transactions at the rate of 26 seconds per block.


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